Learn How to Buy Land in the Mountains

Find the Right Lot

Living in the peace, serenity and splendor of the glorious Western North Carolina mountains is a life-long dream for many. Equally exciting and rewarding is designing and building your very own custom mountain home. But before you go sketching and searching house plans, finding the right lot is number one. It is the basis for a successful journey. 

When it comes to real estate in the mountains of North Carolina, it all begins with the land. Choosing a homesite that speaks to you. Where you can imagine all aspects of your life, indoors and out. You want to be mesmerized by the land and stunning views that define the mountains. It is the foundation for what you will build to share with family, friends and loved ones. 

The Logistics

 Terrain, slope and availability of utilities are considerations when buying a mountain lot. If it’s land outside of a community, what utilities are there, and what is available? Is there city water or do you need a well, sewer or septic (and if the latter, how are the soils), is there natural gas, fiber optics and electric, and will the utilities be underground? In an undeveloped area there may be a cost to bring in any needed utilities.

You’ll also want to know what part of the land is buildable. Are there any wetlands, steep slope restrictions, does planning and zoning restrict the amount of your house footprint and what are the setbacks for building? In a development such as The Boulders, city water, natural gas and electric are all underground, and the septic permit are part the transaction. And as a conservation community our front setbacks for building are as little as five feet which makes foundation costs less . Equally important, are there protective covenants and design guidelines to ensure the comfort, quality and value of your investment?

Location for Your Lifestyle

Mountain view lots are high on the check list and in demand, but convenience should also play a big part. How far away are your every day activities, shopping, dining, amenities, medical and more? What is the access to your lot and future home? Are the roads twisting and turning, and do you then have to travel far once you’re inside a community? All things to consider when purchasing a lot in the mountains.

If it’s a homesite outside of a planned development what’s in and around it?  The Boulders is a perfect example of what it’s like to be in a mountain community with gorgeous land, nature and spectacular view homesites that give you easy and quick access to it all. lots 

Financing Your Dream

Depending on your timing, you may want to purchase a lot first and build when you’re ready. Keep in mind that if you buy in a community, be sure there is no timeframe required to start building. As for funding other than paying cash, there are alternatives. If you have equity in an existing home, a home equity loan is an option, as is borrowing against a 401K or retirement fund. 

As for loans, financial institutions have eased up somewhat and there are banks today that provide lot financing as well as construction to permanent loans which will transition from the construction period to a longer-term loan. Some banks will even provide interest free loans on the lot during the period of home construction. Do your homework and check out your options.

Proper research and planning will ensure the process of buying land in the mountains is a dream come true. Let us help you make that a reality!

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