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It is health that is the real wealth.

When it comes to medical in the mountains, Hendersonville’s ranking on endless lists of places to retire is very much due to its excellence in healthcare facilities. Leading the pack are Park Ridge Medical, Pardee and Mission Health, with extensive facilities for a wide range of specialties. Holistic medicine also takes center stage with alternative and natural healing centers that attract people from around the globe.

Living at The Boulders, a premier NC mountain community, gives you quick access to it all. Those who opt for healthy minded foods can have it all with the abundance of farmers markets and organic offerings available year-round.  From roadside stands to tailgate markets, Fresh Market, Hendersonville Community Coop and so much more, it’s all there for the taking.

Life at The Boulders embraces all that is synonymous with living a healthy, fit and balanced life inspired by nature and authentic NC mountain living. Take invigorating walks, be at one with nature, and let the mountain air calm your body, mind and soul.

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