New Construction Homes

New construction homes
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Custom Home in the Mountains

Come build your dream home.

Whether you want to design and build that perfect home you’ve longed for, or been searching without success for an existing home, going the new construction home route has endless possibilities.  And the rewards are many. Want that open floor plan? Is a big kitchen and expansive island your preference? Do you have your heart set on a cabinet color and wood floor stain? Is outdoor living on your hit list of priorities? All that and more is within your reach when starting from scratch. There’s no need to compromise on the perfect design that matches how you want to live and flourish. However, there are considerations, so read on.

Choosing the right lot and setting.

While some may think of it as just ‘dirt,’ it’s so much more. Think of it as ‘gold.’ The land is what sets the stage and foundation for what will come to life. First is the view. Whether it’s stunning mountain vistas or gorgeous hardwoods, decide what you want the setting to be. Where the sun rises and sets may also be a consideration. And then, how the land lays will determine the ideal house plan to build. Location should also be a consideration. If convenience and quick access to places you want to be is a concern, be sure it’s a community close to it. And that your homesite is easily accessible. Get the lot right and you’re on your way!

Picking a house plan.

All too often house plans are picked before the homesite is chosen. The footprint of a home (width and depth) is critical, especially in the mountains. If you search online, be sure to keep within the footprint of your lot and setbacks. Often a plan online can be modified for a fee, so that can be an option. You can go the route of an architect or draftsman to design a custom home that will complement the lot, terrain and views. But if streamlined and simple is the goal, we have a collection of land/home packages that make the process a breeze. All of the houses in our collection were painstakingly designed to fit on our lots. There are many options for exterior style and design, from contemporary to traditional, so be sure the architectural guidelines allow your choice. At The Boulders we give our owners flexibility in design so long as they conform to our mountain-inspired guidelines.

Finding a builder.

When it comes to new construction homes, a builder’s reputation, referrals and references are a good place to start. The relationship with your  builder is paramount, so finding one that not only has the right credentials but one you feel comfortable with is critical. Call references and go look at their work to see the fit and finish. If you want a Green Certified home, find one that is certified to do so. You want a General Contractor that is financially stable and is licensed to build in any price range.

Design, features and finishes.

You probably have ideas of what you want your custom home to look like. And you may opt for help from a designer or architect. But the greatest tool we have today is the Internet. You’ll find endless sources, with Houzz being a favorite. You can search every room, any style, articles and how-to’s  to get ideas. Create an idea book and save everything you like so when it’s decision time you have a portfolio to choose from. You’ll also find inspiration on Pinterest, online magazines like Dwell if you lean more modern, Mountain Living for ideas and many more. You’ll be amazed at how much you can consume from the comfort of your couch!

New construction homes. Come realize your dreams.

Life at The Boulders gives you peace of mind that you’ve chosen a community that prides itself on quality. Every care is taken to maintain the highest standards, respecting the land, nature, the architecture and design. It is a place where dreams are coming true every day. In fact, we have four new homes under construction right now. Let us help you realize yours!

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